Arhitecture bureau layout

Arhitecture bureau layout


My name is Mary, and i am new to
I really like the concept of this website. I think it will be a great community in the
future, that's why i will try to contribute with my own knowledge

I own a construction firm, and i learned in the last time to build a website for a
architecture bureau. In today's tutorial i will show you how to design such a layout
from scratch.

This is my final image. if you like it you can look further, if not i will try to do
my best in my upcoming tutorials

I will start with a new document. i will use 760 pixels wide, and 770 pixels for the

and i will click on my document with the following color: #cecece
After that i will select RECTANGLE TOOL

And i will create a rectangle with the following color #a9a9a9
In the same time i will add also some layer styles.

For the stroke:

and this is my result

then i will create another rectangle with the following color #323232 and i will place
it like in the following image


I will draw a line

Then i will select again RECTANGLE TOOL and i will create another rectangle with a
black color #00000

I will use one image from my collection of architecture images. i will place it like in
the following image

The next step is to grab HORIZONTAL TYPE TOOL

and to write some text on your architecture layout

I will select again the LINE TOOL, then i will rasterize the lines, and with Eraser
tool ( and a smooth round brush 0 i will delete the parts of this line

Then i will press on CTRL+J to duplicate the line a few times, and i will place them
like in the following image

The next step for you is to select the Custom Shape Tool

You can use a default shape with a pin

I will place this pin custom shape on the left side of my menu

I will select one more time the RECTANGLE TOOL and with the following color #dfdfdf i will create another rectangle.
i will place the shape like in the following photo

The last step is to add some images from your collection. this is my final result. i hope this tutorial will be approved by admins.i am not a genie but i will try to create another tutorial with more details in the next days

I hope you will leave me some comments about this tutorial. Thank you

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  1. encierro says:

    Thank You, that's nice

  1. audi68 says:

    Merci Beaucoup pour les info il est vraiement tres super

  1. chillywillyx says:

    wow bro really nice tut xD

  1. Backwash says:

    This is a very simple tutorial that I enjoyed. It shows a good, clean design without having to use a ton of various effects to get a desired look. Nice tutorial and layout.

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