Business layout

Business layout

hello my friends. This is my first tutorial on I hope this tutorial

will be approved soon from admins
i will create a business layout

I will start a new layout with the following sizes 760x770 pixels

i will set my background color to #555555

With Rounded rectangle tool

I will create a shape. For the layer styles i will use the following layer styles

For the stroke settings i will use the following

gradient (stroke)

for the left side use #000000 and for the right side use #ffffff

and this is my result so far

after that i will create another shape with the following color #434141
You can use the same layer styles as above

I will create another rectangle with a blac color #000000
and with the same layer styles.

With horizontal type tool

write some text on the layout

With Line tool

i will draw some lines

I will grab Custom shape tool

with the following shape:

i will create some arrows like in the following image

after that i will add some images on this layout, and i will place them like above

I hope you like my first tutorial on
Soon i will add more tutorials

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